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My name is József Fejes and I’m from Hungary. My nickname is Jocó, but don’t try to pronounce it in English :) . Professionally I’m a senior .NET software architect, but also I’m a hardcore geek and I’m interested in many fields of computing hobby-wise, ever since I was little. I love creating stuff, mainly in the form of source code, but not exclusively. This blog is also one of my favorite creations, I love to write about IT-related things that I find new and interesting.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me via email at fejes {at} joco {dot} name.

Online presence

Let me show off some of my badges from other websites where I like to participate.

Stack Exchange is simply the best Q&A site. Solving new problems is what I like to do the most, but first I come here to find out if they’ve been solved already. I use the Stack Overflow site so much that I feel like I have to give back to the community, as you can see on this badge:
Stack Exchange badge

When there are no new problems to solve and I really can’t find anything interesting, I often go to Project Euler. I’m not a math geek, so some of these problems are out of my league, but still there are lots that I enjoy. Here’s my current progress:

Project Euler badge


This is a list of my various source code contributions to other projects. Even though some of these are minor stuff, I like to keep a record of them because I’m proud of every single one of them. It’s minor contributions by random people like these that make open source as cool as it is.

2012. 02. 15. MSBuild Extension Pack: I needed SVN tasks for MSBuild, so I developed and contributed them to the biggest MSBuild community project. See my blog post for more details.

2007. 08. 10. Million Masterpiece: It’s a website where people can draw on a huge canvas and can also replay how the drawings were made. I created a program to replicate the drawing process of any image. Turned out to be quite amazing, and the project owners embraced it and used it themselves, too. The code is not public, but you should see the replays of my drawings. The link takes you to a spotlight article on the site, from where you can find my other drawings.

2010. 03. 05. Linux kbuild: Patch for the Debian kernel package script to create checksums. My custom backup script on my home server excludes files which are installed from Debian packages and uses checksums to verify that. Without checksums, the backups were quite big because the custom kernel files were always present in them.

2010. 12. 12. Transmission: Patch for transmission-remote to support reading RPC username and password from an environment variable. Again, I used this on my home server.

2011. 03. 22. smartmontools: Patch for the Windows installer for a fully configurable quiet install. I used this at my company to deploy smartmontools to many computers. Previously the quiet installer would install many unneeded components.

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