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IPv6 in my home intranet with SLAAC, 6to4 and a dynamic IP

I set up 6to4 in my home intranet, and I’ll share my experiences. The web is full of 6to4 how-tos, but there are a few reasons why my case is special: I have a dynamic IPv4 address, I want to share IPv6 in my network, and I want the cleanest solution possible. Quite a common scenario, I think, so here’s how it’s done. Continue reading

My ultra low power home server

I bought an Asus WL-500g Premium v2 router in April, 2009 and immediately installed DD-WRT on it. I used it for my wired and wireless LAN, printer and disk sharing, and for running Transmission. In about half a year, I grew tired of its USB bandwidth (around 2 MiB/s), bad overall performance and also the development model of DD-WRT (several thousand commits without a stable release). Then in December, 2009, I built my perfect home server, based on the Intel D945GSEJT motherboard, which perfectly replaced this router while barely consuming any more power and I’ve been happily using it ever since. Continue reading