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The Rainbow Smoke project

Rainbow smoke - new imageThe all RGB colors project has been amazingly successful, let me thank everyone for their interest again. There have been many developments, so let me introduce them. First of all, I made the algorithm a lot faster and added many more features, so you will see lots of new awesome images (here’s one on the right, just a random pick out of hundreds, it’s rescaled, so don’t count the colors in it). I created a gallery website for to this project,, and I’m working on providing fine art prints to the public. And I started porting the algorithm to other platforms, it’s already available for Android. So that’s the overview, I promised a follow-up article previously, let’s continue where I left off. Continue reading

All RGB colors in one image

RGB 256 1I recently started visiting the programming puzzles SE site. To a geek like me, it’s a little paradise: many interesting challenges, many interesting solutions, many like-minded people. Two days ago, there was one particular challenge: make a program to create an image that contains all RGB colors exactly once (and of course the best looking one wins). A very long time ago I made a small screen saver in assembly which grew a colorful coral (I may post that one day, too). I thought something similar would work here and maybe I’ll even get some votes. You can see the very first image right here. The results completely blew my mind, they were absolutely stunning, and of course it was a big success. Then I thought, let’s make a huge image, maybe even a YouTube video from this. But it wasn’t easy because it’s a brutally exponential problem. Two days of non-stop coding and minimum sleeping later, here it is! Continue reading